Sahale Peak, Wallabi Peak

North Cascades, Washington

July 20 - 21, 2004

Dave Svilar, Darren Rainey

"I wonder how much land costs over here, " I mused looking out at the wide-open scenery.  Darren did not even here me as he was transfixed by the patterns of wind-blown grass.  It was 8:30 a.m. and the two of us were napping in a ditch on an old country road somewhere between the towns of Winthrop and Twisp.  Misled by a good weather forecast Darren and I forgot the #1 rule of Cascades climbing: always have a plan B.  So focused on our plan to climb the north ridge of Forbidden we failed to set aside an option for poor weather.  Unfortunately on this morning we continued to drive east on Highway 20 hitting decent weather only after we were long out of the mountains.

After an hour spent in the ditch we found the motivation to scramble up a Wallabi Peak, which was unspectacular except for the revealing views of the Washington Pass crags.  The following day we scrambled Sahale's Arm route.  We did not touch foot on Forbidden, but as anyone who has been on Sahale knows we did not return home feeling cheated.

WA PASS CRAGS  Darren takes a peek at surrounding climbing from Wallabi's summit.


DISTINCT ROCK  Heather blooms amidst familiar WA Pass granite.



A 'MIXUP'  This Alpine Deer searches for the start of the Ptarmigan Traverse. (Sahale Arm)



RIPPED  Darren stares down Ripsaw Ridge toward Mt Buckner as he nears the top of Sahale.

In the opposite direction he looks towards our original objective: Forbidden.


SAHALE SUMMIT  A long ways from the peloton Dave and his hat pose in front of Boston Pk and Sharkfin Tower.

- December 2004

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