Glacier Gorge

Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado

August 21, 2004

Dave Svilar, Laurie Svilar, Dan Svilar

My parents always manage to schedule trips to Colorado for the worst possible weather.  After several trips to Telluride and now Fort Collins I have begun to wonder if the Colorado weather schedules its worst for when my parents visit.  Mom considers it a necessity to visit any place to which my sister or I relocate, "I must be able to picture where my babies are."  After almost a week my parents will picture me living in a gray, rainy, godforsaken town filled with the Earth's highest concentration of stoplights. 

However, for one day we broke away from sitting in the Super 8 watching the Olympics and downing Twinkies.  Even with a little cloud cover and the typical mayhem that surrounds the Bear Lake area of Rocky Mountain National Park we managed to have a lovely day exploring Glacier Gorge.  Conversation was brisk and the pace slow, but eventually we made Black Lake after 5 miles of high elevation hiking.  Mom was not used to this sort of hiking and began to show it on the way back.  Even with flagging energy she persevered and finished the hike in good form before finally passing out on the drive back to Fort Collins. 

It was good having my parents in town for a week and got me started on planning an upcoming move back into their basement.

PARENTS  Mom hides her fatigue and Dad tries to avoid a plunge in this lovely picture.


ALPINE MOM  Gracefully boulder hopping near Black Lake.


MOTHER-SON  Our high point at Black Lake.


Another photo near Black Lake.


AGED WONDERS  Resting weary, old bones at Mills Lake.


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