Desert 2004 - Pictures

March/April 2004

Dave Svilar, Jill Wolverton

There's something nice about seeing yourself rub off on someone else.  No, Jill is not balding, but she did quit her job to go screw off in the desert.  Purchasing a one-way ticket to join her parents in Telluride, Jill stuck around until my lease ran out at the end of April, and accompanied me on three trips to the desert.  The first occurred just before the ski area closed taking us to Naturita, CO for some rock climbing and then on to Arches for some hiking, mountain biking and trail running.  The next trip was the highlight, re-uniting with Matt Alford in the desert for some climbing then on to Page, AZ for an unforgettable hike down the Paria River.  After returning from Minnesota (Jill's old home) we made one last trip, choosing the Escalante area.  Jill and I covered a lot of ground taking full advantage of our unemployed status.  This period of almost two months will always hold a special place in my memory bank.


Arches National Park


Jill enjoys a crisp morning run on the Devil's Garden Loop.


On the 'primitive' portion of the loop.


Taking a midnight hike to Delicate Arch enjoying no crowds and unique picture opportunities.


Under a gibbous moon exposures were set at f5.6 for ~20 minutes (ISO 100).


Classic view of the arch.  Moon lights mountains and foreground, stars make streaks, and flashlight illuminates inside of arch.



Indian Creek - rock climbing


First ascentionist carved his name in the rock.  Click here for full trip report.



Paria River and Buckskin Gulch, UT


Jill stems the Buckskin Gulch.  For a full trip report click here.



Slot Canyons of Utah and Arizona


Light filters through Water Holes Canyon, AZ.  To see more pictures click here.



Neon Canyon, UT


One of the many flowers in bloom during April.


Striking contrast of green tree on red cliff.  For more on the Neon Canyon trip click here.


Scenic Highway 12 cutting through slickrock near town of Escalante.



Canyonlands National Park


Sunrise at Mesa Arch with eighty other photographers.


Dave peers over the edge of one of the many overlooks.  Jill Wolverton



Zion Canyon National Park


Small leaf gives this unique water canal perspective.


With time to kill I spent a day hiking to the 'Subway' and then running Angel's Landing trail.


Swirl pool in the Subway makes an interesting abstract photo.


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