Washington Pass

Liberty Bell (Beckey Route), South Early Winter Spire (South Arete)

May 26, 2003

Dave Svilar, Darren Rainey

I was fresh off a rock climbing road trip, so Darren and I were anxious to get out on some alpine rock.  We figured the alpine crags of the Washington Pass area to be our best bet.  Perhaps we jumped the gun, as the route we planned to do on the Lexington Tower was still covered in ice and snow.  Instead we found some dry rock on the south side of  Liberty Bell and South Early Winter Spire.  Most people seemed to be in the area to ski, and I couldn't help thinking that possibly we had chosen the wrong sport for this time of year.  Nevertheless, I hadn't been out with Darren since November, so it turned into a very worthwhile outing.

This is what my mom packed when I said I'd need food for a few hours.  This image was custom cropped to hide Dave's receding hairline.


Same spot, different poses.  Beckey route 2nd pitch.  


Dave on the last pitch of Liberty Bell's southwest face.


Darren on top of S Early Winter Spire with the North Cascades Highway below and Silver Star, Wine Spires in the distance.

-written September 2003

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