Katmandu, Nepal

April - May 2000

Dave Svilar, Ann Svilar

Katmandu was the first time Ann and I had been to a Third World city.  I had been to Mexico, but had quickly passed from poverty to the luxurious amenities of beach side hotels.  We stayed in Thamel - the white person's district in downtown and had fun taking in the sites, sounds and smells of this funky city.  I was ready to leave Katmandu after a few days, while Ann was quite enamored with the place and would love to come back and spend more time in the future.

Ann and Dave posing in a crowded Thamel street.  A couple of rik-shaws are parked behind Ann.


At first we thought seeing monkeys was neat, but after awhile we saw them for what they were - pests.


A lady walks around the Swayanbeth Temple spinning prayer wheels.


Public human cremations at a Hindu temple.  When done burning the bodies they sweep the ashes into the river.  Not pictured are children playing 50 meters downriver.


These were the kind of sites that I was rewarded with when taking my long walks - dead cow in the river.


I'm fairly immature, so I enjoyed the erotic art.


Night scene in Thamel.  Man pulling a rick-shaw moving into the center of the picture.


View over Katmandu from the roof of our hotel.  We spent $1/night and although the water was brown we found it quite comfortable.


My mom rounded up a couple of Nepalese gentleman from her church, Fred and Vivek to show us around the city.


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