Ann, Dad, Dave get ready to head out from the campground for a little birdwatching in Malheaur Wildlife Refuge, Oregon.  Summer 1980


Dad helps Ann and I pull limpets off the rocks on our property on Lopez Island.  Summer 1981


Dad and Dave on our first successful Mt. Three Fingers summit bid.  October 1988


The family huddles under a rock on a miserable day on Mt. Pilchuck (before new lookout completed).  Ann did not enjoy her first ascent of Mt. Pilchuck.  June 1989


Dave and Dad standing in front of the Colorado River at the bottom of the Grand Canyon.  We hiked down and up from the South Rim in one day.  I puked three times on the way back up. Summer 1992


Packing only the bear essentials we spent four days completing the Enchantment Lake loop.  Summer 1992