About This Site

AlpineFever.com was created on a rainy April day in May 2002 while I sat and daydreamed about past trips and clear skies.  Instead of just daydreaming I decided to be productive and put some of my old trips down in writing.  What evolved was a website featuring stories and pictures of some of the trips taken by my friends and I.  As you've probably noticed I'm not a world-class climber, snowboarder, writer or photographer.  Quite frankly, I'm not that good at anything, but that doesn't hinder my love of the outdoors.  If you made it this far, I'm sure you do too, so I invite you to pick a trip that appeals to you and take a read through.  The sole purpose of this website is to make something that is fun for me to go back and read.  Therefore, don't come here looking for detailed trip reports or route beta.  Thanks for stopping by.  -Dave Svilar

- November 2003

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