Alpine Fever

Ptarmigan Ridge

Mt Baker, North Cascades

February 19 - 20, 2011

Dave and Jake



Both pics taken from camp.  In the frame above Jake takes a run at sunrise.

Now that I could ski, at least sort of, I wanted the best scenery with the least effort.  For me, that place is always Heather Meadows, aka the Mt Baker Ski Area.  The weather finally looked favorable, and thanks to dead presidents the weekend was long.  We spent Saturday taking runs near Coleman Pinnacle and touring out to a knoll above Camp Kaiser.  It has been a somewhat long and frustrating path - scrapping my snowboard and taking up skiing in my mid 30's - but the payoff finally arrived on this trip.  An easily forgotten highlight was the spectacular moonrise over Mt Shuksan.  We made a couple thousand feet of runs before breakfast on Sunday before finally succumbing to fatigue and a desire for a hamburger.

Jake nearing camp with his oversized pack.  In my winter forays to this area I had never made it past Table Mt (pictured in background) due to clumsy snowshoes and a fear of avalanches.


Dave skiing off the corniced ridge.  The freezing wind kept us moving all day and made leaving the next day easier.


Dave learns what it's like to ski pow!


Jake found the skiing favorable as well.  Skiing below Coleman Pinnacle.


An uninspired effort to capture the sunset glow on Shuksan from camp.


Jake, our camp, and a winter wonderland beyond.



Scenes from our morning ski.  In the bottom frame Jake scouts the corniced ridge with Coleman Pinnacle and Mt Baker in the distance.

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