British Columbia, Canada

July 28 - 30, 2010

Dave and Jill


Mt Gimli, crown-jewel of the Valhallas reflected in Mulvey Lake.

With an extra few days before we were scheduled to be in the Bugaboos we decided to make it an official Canadian road trip by visiting Valhalla Provincial Park.  As explained below we're entering the next phase or our lives where exotic travel will be limited to places that are close and relatively affordable, like Canada.  It was important to get a good taste of the possibilities that might await us, so the Valhallas seemed like a good warmup for the Bugaboos.  The cirque, crowned by peaks like Gimle and Asgard were stunning and the crowds light.  In fact, on the last night we had the entire Mulvey Lakes basin to ourselves.  On our only full day, plans to scramble a couple of peaks were hampered by t-storms.  We would duck into the tent when they were overhead and then watch them pass far off to the east.  I enjoyed looking off into the distance and seeing mountains that I couldn't name.

So why do I say the next phase of life?  After a few years of health complications Jill heard the words from her oncologist that she's been waiting for: "Go forth, and produce children."  And that we did, by means of a dirty motel room in Revelstoke.  Yes, the next phase of life is almost upon me - real job, babies, a mortgage etc.  Luckily I can find refuge in a place like Canada.

Yard sale near the trailhead.  The CRV was temporarily stolen from my parents and makes a decent replacement for a truck.


Jill hikes near the south face of Gimli.  A good line ascends the right-hand side of the face.  We stuck to flatter ground for this trip.


Camp in the upper Mulvey basin featuring a nice view of Asgard and...


... storms passing by to the east.  Mulvey Lake is directly below us and is still partially frozen.


Waiting out storms is better when you can cuddle.  The look on Jill's face clearly says, "give me your genetic material." 


On our last morning I woke early, and walked down to Mulvey Lake to capture one of the many photographic spots in the cirque.


Time to get up Jill.


Having a last look at the cirque.


Taking the ferry on our drive north toward Revelstoke.

- August 2010

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