Spring Break 2010

Utah Desert



Spring Break 2010!  In spring you have to be ready to deal with anything.  One day it's sunny (above) and the next it's snowing and you find yourself in a UHaul (below). 

The objective was to get out of town and spend some time in the desert with our new friends.  We spent the first few days in solitude with Jake, camped above the Green River in the Robber's Roost area near Canyonlands.  We spent our time on long walks exploring the canyons near our camp.  The last few days of the trip were spent in Indian Creek/Needles District south of Moab with Justin and Melissa, John, and Mike and Tyler.  Here we hiked, climbed and even found time for a trail run.  We left a day early because we thought it would be better to drive in the bad weather than to camp in it.  Oops.  South of LaGrande, OR we were piled up with 15 cars and 3 semi-trucks in a whiteout.  Our only reasonable way home was to rent a UHaul and strip what we could off the Toyota.  Next year we will save a few thousand dollars by flying and renting a car.

Ben and Shawna drove from Colorado to meet us in the middle of nowhere.  We miss them.  At camp in the Robber's Roost.


Dave and Jake on a long walk through the Needles District of Canyonlands Nat'l Park.


Pictures of boulders don't make tourism brochures, but I think they're one of the neatest features of the desert.  This was the best I saw on our trip.


Jill makes her way awkwardly up a crack despite her inattentive belayer.


Smiles after a fun morning of crack climbing.


The weather turns sour, so we upgrade to the national park campground.


The Toyota's final resting place.  Jill and the Toyota frowning after the wreck.  One of the 15 other cars is visible in the upper right.  The Toyota will be mourned: a lot of memories in this truck including my trip to Michigan with my dad to pick it up.  Even so, the truck is still just a piece of metal.  Most importantly, the cargo in the passenger seat only suffered minor whiplash.

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