Jones Island

San Juan Islands, Washington

June 30 - July 1, 2010

Dave and Jill


Our route begins from my parent's place on Lopez (right) and makes its way towards Jones Island (left).  Our route on the is in red and return is in green.

Jill and I set off from near my parent's house for Jones Island, via kayak.  Highlights of our route were the Lopez Island ferry dock, stopping for lunch on Blind Island, and touring the Wasp Islands.  Jones Island was stellar - good camping, a nice trail around most of the island, and a cheap bottle of wine transported by our oversized kayak.  The next morning dawned wet and cold.  In an effort to avoid hypothermia we stopped at the Orcas ferry dock for coffee, and were able to make it back to my parent's without a pee break.  I still prefer walking to kayaking, but when it comes to the water it's the best option for us self-propelled types. 

Click here for my other overnight kayak trip, eight short years ago.

Just before setting off near my parent's on Lopez Island.


Watching the ferry Evergreen State from our wooden kayak.  Twenty five years ago...


I was driving the Evergreen State!


A smile from Jill as we weave through the Wasp Islands.


A bottle of cheap wine and picnic tables made our campsite seem luxurious.


We found a quiet place to watch the sunset over the glassy San Juan water.
- posted August 2010

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