Ingalls Peak - ski and rock climb

Central Cascades, Washington

June 12, 2010

Dave, Jake, John

After a week of maneuvering my stocks through a dangerous market, I was more than ready to maneuver myself through some mountains.  John wanted to ski and Jake wanted to climb.  We did both.  A crafty plan was drawn that would please the divergent aspirations of my companions - ski to the base of Ingalls Peak and pull out the rock gear for three pitches (actually two) of easy climbing.  The snow was somewhat uncooperative, but the rock was as sunny and cruisy as advertised.  As we each go our separate ways for the summer, a day under blue skies skiing and rock climbing was a perfect ending to the spring.

Skiing towards Ingalls Lake under Mt Stuart.


One of the nice things about the Teanaways is their relative lack of scale.  Even so, in this "small" area human skiers appear tiny.  John and Jake make their way past avalanche remnants towards the col where we started our climb.


Taking off the skis at the col.  Slabby, sunny rock awaits us.


A steep bit of snow substituted for the first pitch of rock climbing.



Jake on the fun last pitch.  Bottom photo by John

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