Alpine Fever

Hidden Lake

North Cascades, Washington

August 2010

Dave and Dad



Excellent view from camp above Hidden Lake.  Forbidden (Elley and I climbed the week before) and Boston/Sahale are the featured peaks.

After a rough outing on Three Fingers I tried to wrestle my dad off his island for another go in the hills.  He needed to see the North Cascades up close and have a good experience - no bushwacking.  Unfortunately, he seemed disinterested for most of the trip.  Afterwards a friend tried to explain to me that our parents are getting older, which I had a difficult time accepting.  Want to go birdwatching Dad?

Dad tests our new single-wall tent.




At sunrise our tent was swallowed by clouds, so I hustled onto the ridge where I was rewarded with moody views of the boiling clouds and peaks.


The lookout still seemed to be above the clouds, so we took a hike up the ridge.


Dad hiking up the now cloud-smothered ridge.


Dave and Dad at the cloud-smothered lookout.  Dad's face says, "I'd rather be chopping wood."
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