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Bugaboos - pictures

Bugaboos, B.C.

August 2010

Dave and Jill, Mike and Jodie


Our crew at camp on the final night.

We spent most of our time in the Bugs enjoying our time around camp, so I decided to dedicate a page for general pictures.  For Jill and I, our trip to Canada was clearly the highlight of our summer.  Of note, was the fact that during our time in the Bugs an egg was being fertilized in Jill's lower abdomen!  No trips next year.

A list of climbs:

1. Lion's Way on Eastpost Spire

2. Pigeon Spire

3. Kain Route on Bugaboo Spire

Rumor has it that porcupines will chew your tires and other crucial hoses, so elaborate fences are constructed on every car in the lot.


Rainbow after a passing rain cloud on our first day in camp.


Several hundred feet below our camp is a hut where many opt to stay.


Mike and Jodie passing around the Jet Boil during supper.


Jodie performs a complicated yoga pose before dinner.





Scenes I captured near sunrise/sunset during my wanderings around camp.



And finally, the obligatory view from the luxury pit toilet.

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