Alpine Fever

Lion's Way - Eastpost Spire

Bugaboos, B.C.

August 2010

Dave and Jill, Mike and Jodie

Amongst climbers, the Bugaboos are renowned for good rock, elegant lines, and... crappy weather.  With this knowledge in hand it was no surprise that the forecast for our time in the "Bugs" was for rain/showers for each of the days we planned to be in the area.  Sure enough, when we arrived on Sunday it was mostly cloudy and wet.  The next day showed more promise so we made the short approach from our camp to an easy, non-committing route called Lion's Way.  I thought it was going to storm, but luckily Mike and Jodie aren't such wimps and decided to take their chances on the route.  Not wanting to lose face in front of my wife we decided to follow them.  It was a good warmup for the ensuing days and felt good to get a climb in despite threatening weather.

The easiest, high quality route that we could find.


Jodie belaying on the first pitch.


The ladies looking hard and serious at a shared belay early in the route.


Typical low-angle climbing on the route.  Not sure why Jill's pack is so large.


Relaxing on the summit and enjoying this vantage of Bugaboo Spire.  Jill and I climbed the left-hand skyline of Bugaboo Spire a few days later.


Jill and Jodie enjoying a walk towards Snowpatch Spire after the climb.

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