Toleak Point

Olympic National Park, Washington

June 2009

Dave and Jill


Jill and Dave enjoying each other's company despite gloomy weather.

The Pacific NW was in the early stages of the greatest run of weather in my lifetime.  Unfortunately, now that we had some time the forecast was dreary.  So, we headed to the Olympic Coast where good times can be had during poor weather.  We spent two nights camped at Toleak Point underneath a pall of gray, stagnant skies.  Luckily we brought the frisbee.  We threw the fris until our elbows were inflamed.  Then we built a fire and stared at the flames until  tired enough to sleep.  A nice trip, but one that will have to be pulled up on the internet to be remembered.

Jill's the only person I've ever known to play frisbee by herself.


Hiking toward Toleak Point under the June gloom.

- September 2009

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