Snowfield Peaks

North Cascades, Washington

July 2009

Dave and Jill


That's my hot wife taking a rest on her axe.  By request a chest harness was fashioned out of fluorescent webbing.

It looked like Jill had cancer again, so we booked tickets back to the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota.  In the meantime, early July weather was splitter, so in order to take our minds off of our upcoming trip, we went to explore a new area in the North Cascades.  The approach begins right from Highway 20 and involves a few hours in the trees following a faint trail.  Once above the treeline there is somewhat of a plateau with several peaks rising above.  The highest is Snowfield Peak and the most well-known is Colonial because it is easily seen from the highway.  We spent two nights at our camp directly beneath the Pyramid.  On our full day we climbed Paul Bunyan's Stump and Snowfield, generally spending all day trekking across glaciers and scrambling to the two summits.  The trip was fantastic, but will be always be remembered for what was weighing on our minds.

Sidenote: Thankfully it wasn't cancer, and to the time of this writing Jill is free and clear.  It was easily the best news of my life.

Our camp on the ridge beneath Pyramid (out of picture).


Just as I was explaining to Jill that it is rare to see bears on glaciers, this large black bear came strolling past.


A more normal site - human on glacier.


Looking back at Snowfield Peak.


This image represents all that is right with the world.  My wife standing in front of pointy Cascade peaks.  We climbed Paul Bunyan's Stump (far left) earlier in the morning.


Alpine cuddling.  Stretched out on a warm rock, tired but satisfied from a good day's work.


Sunrise on the Colonial Basin, taken near camp.



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