Point of the Arches

Olympic National Park, Washington

June 2009

Dave and Jill

After our gloomy weathered trip to Toleak Point we learned the weather was about to break, so we made tracks for Shi Shi Beach.  The Washington coast is one of the most scenic in the world, and not far away are some of the prettiest forests.  In between these scenic pleasures lies miles of clearcuts and several Indian Reservations.  The interface between beach/clearcut/forest is odd and always leaves me with a depressing feeling.  Once we had walked the muddy two miles of clearcut forest we dropped onto Shi Shi Beach and I put this temporary depression behind me and enjoyed the sunny expanse.  We camped at the Point of Arches, which Ira Spring (old-timer who went everywhere) calls the most beautiful piece of coastline in the state.  He was correct.  I tried my best to photograph it, but the sky was too clear to yield anything spectacular.  Jill and I had a fantastic night on the beach watching the fire burn well after dark.

This must be why they call it Point of Arches.


The moon sets at dawn.



Jill enjoys supper at camp.


Millions of these bugs were hopping on the beach.  We entertained ourselves late watching them commit suicide by intentionally jumping into our fire.


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