New Zealand Overview

January to March 2008


November to February 2008-9

Dave and Jill



Our intent was to teach for a year in Christchurch and then travel for a few months around the country before eventually coming home.  It ended up being two trips to New Zealand, and the two experiences could not have been more different. 

1st Trip - worked for two months and then had to hustle back to the U.S. for a medical emergency

2nd Trip - drove around New Zealand for three months and did fun stuff

You'll find more trip reports from the second trip, but as far as I'm concerned our memories will be just as vivid from the first.  It meant a lot for us to follow through on a dream despite some setbacks along the way.  Please ignore my whining in the write-ups - we had the time of our lives.


Avalanche Peak

A hike to the top of Avalanche Peak on our first weekend in NZ.

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Kaikoura Penninsula

Camping and hiking on New Zealand's best stretch of coastline.

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Cass-Lagoon Saddle Traverse

A plan B trip near Arthur's Pass and some not-so good natured complaining about my job.

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No Honeymoon in NZ

Jill gets diagnosed with breast cancer and we go home.  End of first trip.

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Lewis Pass Tops Traverse

A trip with Neil and the start of the second trip.

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Abel Tasman

A hike along one of NZ's best coastlines.

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Roberts Ridge

A short day hike in the Nelson Lakes area, with commentary about sandflies.

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Huxley River Valley

A trip up the north fork to Broderick Pass.

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Mueller Ridge

The best mountain scenery in New Zealand at Mt Cook Nat'l Park.

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West Matukituki Valley

A fun hut trip with friends from Christchurch.

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Lower Hollyford Valley - "Waiting in the Rain"

Trying to salvage a few days during wretched weather.  Some inappropriate commentary.

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Barrier Knob Traverse

Our best trip in NZ through the heart of the Darran Mountains.

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Earnslaw Burn

A busted trip to what would have been a great spot.

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Brewster Hut I

We killed three days sitting in the hut and hiking when the clouds broke.

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Rockburn to North Routeburn Traverse

Fantastic cross-country hiking in some of NZ's best valleys.

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Routeburn - "great trailrun"

I ran and then joined the family for the rest of the hike on this popular tourist track.

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Brewster Hut II

A second trip to the hut with the family.

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Cameron Valley

A final trip in New Zealand.

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