Cashmere Mt

Cascades, Washington

May 26, 2009

Dave and Darren

Darren was in the mood for an early season slog, so Cashmere Mountain was selected for it's good views of the Stuart Range and the fact that neither of us had previously stood on top.  It proved to be a perfect outing, and the last we would have together before Darren became a father.

Cashmere Mt looming over the still-frozen lake.


Darren makes his way up the windy ridge.  The north side of Mt Stuart in the background.


No, not Kashmir... Cashmere.  The summit was steep and interesting making a nice diversion from the post-hole slog approach and making us think of distant ranges.


Darren on the summit and the always-visible Mt Rainier in the distance.


My mom was NOT living with me in Leavenworth.  In perhaps the spring's most exciting development, Jill had dedicated herself to perfecting the art of Mom's hiking cookies.  A closer examination of this specimen shows flattening near the center, and over-crisp edges.  This batch received a "C-" rating, not bad for an apprentice.

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