Brewster Hut II

New Zealand

February 13 - 14, 2009

Dave and Jill, Mom and Dad, Sashwa and Anni


Sunshine and t-shirts at the Brewster Hut.


Packing our campsite and backpacks at our camp on Lake Hawea.


Strong teamwork got the old folks across the stream at the beginning of the tramp.


Mom chugs her way up, up, up through the trees.  I made the mistake of telling Mom that the trail was easy.  What I meant, was that it was short and the pain would be very temporary.


A pit stop in the exotic beech forest.


Mom smartly uses the snowgrass to pull herself up the steep trail.  She seems to be going strong until...


...  thunk!  Her legs give out on a grassy knoll just 20 minutes from the hut.  Detractors  please note that she still is carrying her own pack.  By the time she reached the hut she didn't have the energy to tease Dad for his propensity to nap, so...


... she joined him.  They remained in this position for quite some time while the kids...


... hiked above the hut to get views of Mt Brewster.  This was the first time on the entire trip that Jill and I were able to lean back and enjoy the sunshine in the mountains in our t-shirts.  A bit overdue, but we enjoyed it nonetheless.



I shared my photogenic tarn with Sashwa who had hauled a beastly HD video camera.  He was filming for his dad's company who shoot HD video of pretty stuff around the world.


Jill and I slept out on the deck underneath the stars and atmospheric fog.  The next morning we awoke at 5:00 am hoping to catch sunrise on the top of Mt Armstrong.


We didn't make sunrise on top of the peak, but still stopped for a few pictures and video.


Anni can be extremely patient when it's her boyfriend she's waiting for.  Here she suffers while Sashwa captures the dramatic scene unfolding around us.


Even though sunrise was over we still pressed on for the summit of Mt Armstrong.


Where we enjoyed incredible views of Mt Brewster and beyond.  Jill and I had already been here, but hadn't actually seen the view.  Breathtaking!

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