Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

December 2007

Svilars, Ghinazzis



Cobblestone streets of downtown PV and the marina tower where my parents have their condo.

My parents detest vacations without their children.  Once again Ann, I and now Jill were the beneficiaries of a family trip.  Looking for some way to use their great wealth acquired over 30 years in public education my parents (along with the Ghinazzis) bought a condo in Puerto Vallarta.  The purpose was to escape depressing winters in the Pacific NW and to buy into the recent real estate craze.  We spent between Christmas and New Year's enjoying some sunshine, warm air, and good company.

The "old" Jill overlooks the old part of PV while enjoying an expensive beverage.


Funky and quiet cobblestone streets.


Work it ladies.  By popular request, AlpineFever is proud to feature pictures of girls at the beach.


Adam, Tony, Jill and Anni walk the beach at quiet, low-key Salulita.


Anni has never come across a piece of cheap jewelry that she doesn't find appealing.


View from the back door of my parents condo.  The front door looks out onto the marina.


For introverts like me the streets of PV are overbearing during normal daylight hours.  My parents accompanied me to the boardwalk at sunrise for some photos, and more importantly, to enjoy the place without the crowds.  A good way to enjoy the last sunrise of 2007.




Christmas-themed sand castles.  I've never been able to anything close to this with sand.

- compiled November 2008

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