Olympic Coast - hiking near Rialto Beach

Olympic National Park, Washington

July 2007

Dave Svilar, Jill, Mom and Dad


The sun sets behind a "seastack" from our camp a couple of miles north of Rialto Beach.

After Mom's inspiring performance in the Enchantments two years ago we decided to schedule and annual hike.  At this point in my life writing "redeemable for a hike this summer" on a scratch piece of paper is the easiest option for my mom's x-mas gift.  I will admit, that these annual hikes have also been a lot of fun.  In fact, this outing along Washington's coast - one of the most spectacular and wild in the entire world - was my favorite of the summer.

We set up a rednezvous at the Rialto Beach parking lot - me coming from a photo workshop that I had helped teach and my parents and Jill from Lopez Island.  During the previous 4 days I had spent on the Olympic Penninsula it had not stopped raining.  Miracoulously the weather cleared as we stepped onto Rialto Beach with our large packs and headed north.  For the better part of three days and two nights the weather was outstanding.  It was my first experience hiking on the Olympic Coast and certainly not the last.  The lack of elevation gain and other general hardships that mountains can supply convinced my mom that hiking just might be for her.

Crashing wave and blue skies from our camp near Cape Johnson.


Clouds streaking by after sunset.


Jill and Mom enjoy an evening of talking about their feelings by the campfire.


When we awoke the ocean had disappeared.  The tide was out - way out - almost 200 yards from camp.  Here a seastack reflects morning light in a large tidepool.


The wilderness can make even the oldest among us feel like a child again.  Mom and Dad play teeter-totter on a piece of driftwood.


Jill blends in with the foilage and surveys more miles of beach exploration.


Rialto's signature formation - The Hole-in-the-Wall.

- compiled October 2008

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