Escalante River Area, Utah

June 2007

Dave Svilar, Jill W

Fort Collins to Las Vegas is a long drive so we stopped in the Escalante River Canyon area for a one day/two night break to take photos and relax.  This area is full of accessible, easy-to-tour slot canyons.  We visited photogenic Zebra and Big Horn during the morning hours and lounged at Devil's Garden in the evening.

One of the most photogenic slot canyons on the entire Colorado Plateau (entire World!).  Unfortunately a bird, who's nest was above, had pooped all over the prettiest part of the wall limiting my photo angles.  Some of it is visible on the left wall.


Streaking.  Dave moves through slot canyons with such speed, power, and grace that even the snap of a camera can't fully capture him.


Jill at the exit to Zebra Slot with what appears to be a fake sky.  Rest assured, that sky is real and that beautiful woman prancing in the sand is my girlfriend.


Our guidebook suggested we may have to swim through this short slot.  We came prepared, but found nothing but mud.


We spent a lazy hour trying to teach Jill how NOT to throw like a girl.  Here she looks like vintage Nolan Ryan.



Big Horn Slot was uglier than the guidebook suggested, but the entrance - seen in the above two photos - had some interesting texturing, Jill's favorite part of the desert sandstone.

- compiled October 2008

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