Cayman Islands, Caribbean

November 2007

Dave Svilar, Jill S, Amy D, Jill's parents



What?!  Jill and Dave took a honeymoon to the Cayman Islands?  You can't stay there for $3/night....  

Not shown: Jill's parents who treated us to airfare and accomodation.  Amy D who provided us with free scuba diving and reef guiding.

I like my vacations long, hard, exhausting - all at a cost under $500.  Now that I'm married I've realized - and now understand - that my wife doesn't always like them that way.  So, for our honeymoon I compromised and promised Jill that we could take a trip to paradise.  That was all under the assumption that her parents would pay for it.

By cutting many of the unnecessary and bogus frills that comprise a modern wedding we saved Jill's parents enough $$ to treat us to 10 days in the Cayman Islands.  It also allowed the addition of a key component: Amy D.  Jill's longtime friend and teammate on her college track team now operated a company out of Minneapolis that provided dive trips to the Caymans for high school kids.  On our trip she found free scuba gear and showed us the best spots, even under unfavorable weather conditions.

I tend to get restless in paradise after a day or two, so having two scuba sessions per day kept the schedule full.  As for sleeping arrangements, our condo three room condo overlooked the pool and ocean.  We savored it knowing that there would be many more nights sleeping on the hard ground before we'd be spoiled like this again.

The Caribbean - coral, clean air, and cruise ships.


Drinks and dinner at sunset.


Amy D instructs Mark in the condo pool during his certification.


Our condo overlooked the pool and ocean.  For the sake of photos it was more dramatic at night.



Beautiful coral beach sunset images.  Not shown are the rows of condos directly behind me, or the people cheering each time a wave would soak me during this photo shoot.




Dave "buddy breathes" Jill's air.  I didn't think it was possible to suck at scuba diving (pun not intended), but it turns out that I consume air like an American SUV when under water.  Phots by Amy D


Jill emerges after a shipwreck swim-through.  Photos by Amy D


While Amy D points her camera at a school of fish, Mark has a closer look at the mermaid.  Photos by Amy D



Newlyweds at the parade/carnival in George Town.  Photo by Amy D


Jill walks a perfect white sand beach.

- compiled November 2008

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