Desert 2005

Fisher Towers, Arches NP, Robber's Roost, 16z

March 12 - 17, 2005

The following are a few pictures taken while Jill and I were on spring break.  One of the benefits of living in Colorado is that the desert is never far away.  When I say desert I mean the Colorado Plateau, or what some people call Canyon Country.  Unlike last year, time was of the essence, as I had to get back and teach teenagers how to calculate mole ratios.  There should be another trip soon, so hopefully more pictures can be added at a later time.

Fisher Towers

CONTRASTS  View from above Highway 128 includes the Fisher Towers, La Sals, and the Colorado River.


Views looking out towards Castleton Tower, Rectory, and Priest.


GONE FISHIN'  Reddest rock in the desert?  Jill and the Fisher Towers at sunset.

Arches National Park

DEVIL'S VIEW  Jill takes in the views towards the La Sals from atop one of the many fins on the Devil's Garden loop.


BRRRRR  Warming our hands at the campfire.  On this night temps dipped below 20. 

Robber's Roost

FORK IN THE ROAD  Jill contemplates our direction on the way to Blue John Canyon.  In 24 hours we never saw a car on these roads.


BIG DROP  Jill peers over the "Big Drop" rappel that Aaron Ralston completed shortly after amputating his right hand.  To see our trip through Blue John Canyon click here.

... to be continued

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